Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Tragic, a little girl in India was raped and tortured, her genitals was mutilated until crushed


IllustrationIllustration -  After a case of a pregnant mum that raped beside her daugter in the taxi, now an 11-year-old was found about 10 days ago, and she had been raped, tortured and strangled to death. From the investigation, the police found at least 86 injury marks on her body.

The death of this girl raised anger for Indian people. From the autopsy report, there were severe injuries to the girl’s private parts caused by a blunt object. Before killed, it seems she was confined, raped and brutally tortured.

Amid nationwide outrage over the gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old in Kathua and also following widespread protests by people against police inaction, Surat police told as quoted by Times Of India on Sunday, April 15 2018, police are yet make the girl’s identity or the perpetrators of the crime.

The Surat police try to trace the identity of a girl whose body was dumped after she was raped, torured and killed, and to track down the perpetrators of the crime.

The girl’s body was found under the bushes near a cricket stadium in Pandesara area of Surat on April 6 morning. An officer said the girl could have been raped, tortured and killed elsewhere and then dumped in Surat.





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