Xeroderma Pigmentosum: rare ‘vampire’ disease which is sensitive to sun


Oliver KeiOliver Kei - Oliver Kei, 7 year-old from California, United States, is a child who has a rare condition of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP). These conditions make Oliver skin extra sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) sunlight.

Everyday, Oliver had to live in layered clothes equipped with thick plastic of anti-UV. This is because when exposed to the sun just a little, his skin will start darkening, and appears black spot marks of damage that can develop into cancer.

His mother, Noele Kei, ensures that every glass in the home and car is also equipped with a UV ray shield. "When I was first told that Oliver had XP it was like being hit by a train.The concept that my child has an allergic to the sun sounds very strange, I have not even heard of the allergy" Noele said as quoted by the Daily Mail on Monday, April 16th 2018.

At first admitted by Noele, she was tired of raising a child who cannot exposed to the sun. But long after the family began to get used and for him the important thing is how to minimize the risk of Oliver skin cancer in the future.

For now Oliver can only play outdoors when the sun is set. In morning or afternoon, he still has to wear protective clothing that is sometimes became a mockery of others."I'm glad when it's night because i can take off the equipment and it feels good for me, I like school holidays because the family has a special time for me, we all stay up to play in the park at night" Oliver said.

XP itself is a genetic condition known to be inherited from parents. No drug can treat it yet and people with a predicted risk of skin cancer are 1,000 times bigger than the general population.



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