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The emergence of these animals can to reveal the time of death a human


CatsCats -  From the past, there are some animals that have been associated with omens or prophecies, because many people believed that their presence denotes a message. 

While some people might see it as superstitious, but it can be explained from the science side.

Here are four animals that their emergence could give a sign :

1.  Owl
Owls have a unique position in terms of the message they provide, because the news that they bring is usually huge. However, they symbolize the extremes, which means that they either bring great success or death. Owls that shout and fight for their home, for example, denote an incoming success. On the other hand, a silent but vigilant owl can mean something truly horrible that comes close to your life.


2. Cat
Cats is said can to personify intuition in itself, which means that they have a strong connection with your instincts. Cats have always been considered smart and intelligent creatures and their abrupt presence denotes a call to follow your heart and instincts.


3. A snake
Snake are usually considered as the precursors of death, destiny or destruction, although the truth is far from that. These reptiles are symbols of wisdom, knowledge and mother nature. They presence is indicative of calm and truth. 

4. Raven
Actually, raven is the sacred bird of Thoth, the Great Egyptian God of Wisdom and Magic. But, although ravens have always been misinterpreted as precursors of death and perdition, ancient cultures associate them with absolute truth.

The sighting of crows is indicative that you will be able to discover the truth soon.




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