Devil’s party statement said by Amien Rais will be reported to police


Amien RaisAmien Rais - Amien Rais will be reported by Cyber ??Indonesia to Metro Jaya police about the statements of Partai Allah (God's party) and Partai Setan (devil’s party). The statement of the Chairman of the Brotherhood of Alumni 212 was considered leads to hate speech.

Chairman of Cyber ??Indonesia Aulia Fahmi said the statement Amien Rais could have an impact on the emergence of the split between Islam.

Cyber ??Indonesia plans to report Amien who is also Chairman of PAN to Metro Jaya police on Sunday, April 15th."We saw there were indications that lead to the split, there were sentences that contained hate speech" Aulia told

Amien will be reported against article 28 paragraph 2 Juncto article 45 paragraph 2 of the Information and Electronic Transaction Act on Alleged Hate speech and Article 156a of the Criminal Code on the Blasphemy of Religion.

The statement of Amien Rais considered dangerous because there is a different group assumption with the group Amien as a group of demons.

While the article in the ITE Act is used because the statement has been spread through online news and responded by several figures. Aulia considered there is a violation of the law in it. so Amien is reported to the police. She asserted, this reporting is not related to politics at all.

Statement about the party of the demon was declared Amien Rais yesterday in tausiyah after shubuh in Baiturrahim Mosque, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

"Now we have to mobilize all the power of this nation to join and strength with a party, not just PAN, PKS, Gerindra, but the group that defends the religion of Allah, that is Hezbollah, to fight against devil’s Party "Amien said.

He continued, the anti-Gods, will automatically join the big party, which he called a devil’s party.







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