Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Can deceive of narcoba test, many false urine was sold in US


False urine False urine -  To test someone of whether free of narcotics or not, usually was done by urine test that testing traces of chemical essences. So, relating to this matter, in US it seemed the selling of sintetic urine were being up trend.

According to report of local media, people used sintetic urine to deceive narcotic test. It was not stated  how that urine were made in detail, however, this matter had got attention of government in two States, Missouri and Mississippi where legall selling was prohibited.

“Manpower seekers committed that they worry there more employees using sinttic urine to pass narcotic test” said Dan Gibson from Mississippie Association of Self-Insurers as quoted by Live Science.

As committed by producer of sintetic urine it was made by mixing some chemical essences, one among others was uric acid. Washington Post  stated that the products were sold through online around IDR 200 thousand up to IDR 550 thousand.

Mississippi Representative Board member, Willie Bailery in a meeting said that in his region urine sintetic was sold out at the truck halts.




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