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Five foods that must avoid by an athlete to getting healthy body


 Protein bars Protein bars -  Athletes have to keep their body strong and healthy. For that reason, they have to watch over their weight and diet, and pick their food and drink carefully.

It turns out, not all foods that we may consider healthy will be eaten by athletes. The examples are the following five foods.

Not only athletes, we too have to be careful not to eat them too much:

1.       Cereals

There are many kinds of cereals that are sold in the markets, but none of them that athletes can eat. It is because cereals are known to contain a lot of sugar which can give our body too much calorie, so it is not very healthy to be consumed. To be safe, some athletes turn to granola instead.

2.      Coconut oil

It is revealed that coconut oil contain 120 calorie in each teaspoon. Therefore, while it is considered healthy, you better consume it in moderate amount. If not, then the calorie will accumulate in the body, and even if athletes exercise every day, there is a chance for the calorie to turn into bad fats.

3.      Protein bar

Why can’t protein bar be eaten by athletes? Once again, because the protein bar sold in the markets contain a lot of sugar. It is suggested to eat protein bar with 300 to 200 amount of calorie and 15 to 20 gram of protein. The amount of carbohydrate has t be considered as well because carbohydrate is needed to give energy for the body.

4.      Frozen yoghurt

While it has less fat, frozen yoghurt still contains much sugar. It is even more dangerous if you eat it after eating food containing carbohydrate, because it will cause your blood sugar level to increase, because carbohydrate will turn into glucose. It is better to consume plain yoghurt.

5.      Sports drink

Many people think that sports drinks are made for athletes who play sports every day. However, this drink also contains much sugar. This drink which contains a lot of electrolyte can cause you to gain weight if you drink more than one bottle in one day. It is much better to drink water.





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