Friday, 22 Mar 2019

Five foods that you should avoid when going on for a long travel


IllustrationIllustration -  Long travel can be very tiring and uncomfortable, and not many people can enjoy the trip. In fact, many people suffer from motion sickness, whether it is with land, sea or air vehicles. 

One of the causes is mood. We have to make sure we are calm and comfortable before going on a long trip. One way to keep from being sick is by watching what you eat before travelling. 

Some foods, if eaten before a long travel can trigger the gas inside our stomach, which makes us feel queasy and nauseous, and will ruin our mood. As cited from, these are the food you should avoid before going on a long travel:

1.       Food which contains cheese

Cheese may trigger your appetite. But it also makes the gas inside the stomach hard to process. It will make you feel nauseous and queasy. Eating cheese will make you feel full and it can be uncomfortable.

2.      Fried food

Indonesia has a lot of fried food as snacks, such as bakwan and risoles. We often buy fried snacks to eat before traveling. But be careful, because the oil contained in them can cause problem for your stomach and make you gain weight.

3.      Soft drink

If you think that drinking soft drink will make you feel fresh, you are wrong. Soft drink or soda contains carbons which can cause accumulation of gas inside your stomach. It can also make your mouth smell bad.

4.      Spicy food

Spicy food can make the stomach feel nauseous for some people. It can be bad for people who are about to go on a long trip. Eating spicy food before traveling can cause you to have stomachache.

5.      Noodle

Some people are so hurried that they choose something easy to make like noodle to eat before traveling. However, the flour content inside instant noodles, pastas or the like is hard to digest. This problem in digestion will make you feel queasy and cause gas to accumulate inside the stomach.




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