Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Mariah Carey admitted that she suffered of Bipolar syndrome


Mariah CareyMariah Carey -  Not long ago, international diva, Mariah Carey admitted that she silently fought against bipolar syndrome for two decades. Now, the 48 year-old singer feels even more energized and inspired.

Through her instagram account, @mariahcarey, she expressed her joy and gratitude. “I’ve been hard at work, feeling inspired by each of your stories and uplifted by your overwhelming support. Let’s continue to encourage each other on out journeys,” she wrote.

Before this, Carey had told the People magazine that she had suffered silently from bipolar syndrome for almost 20 years since 2001. Bipolar syndrome causes someone’s mood to change rapidly and drastically. This can affect the victim’s activities and everyday lives.

Although she denied the diagnosis at first, Carey then started to accept it. She is still doing therapy and meditations regularly until today. She also struggle in keeping it secret from the public. She was afraid that her story would be unfolded and spread widely that she decided to secluded herself.

“It’s a very heavy burden and I can’t keep it a secret anymore.” She said she was finally undergoing therapy and mingling with positive people. She started doing the things she loved again like writing songs and making music.

In November 6th 2018, Carey will perform in Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java. This will be the second time Carey performs in Indonesia, the first being in JCC Senayan, Jakarta, in 2004 in the concert titled “Charmbracelet World Tour.”



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