Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

The law of using nail polished according to Abdul Somad


Ustad Abdul SomadUstad Abdul Somad

The need to make up for a woman is a natural thing for people. But what if muslim women do that, like for example wearing makeup, or even wearing nail polish, which is commonly used by women today.

So what is the law about women using nail polish and makeup.

Ustad Abul Somad once discussed it in one of his lectures posted by @ Dyan.icha103 through her instragram account.

"Women who use nail polish, her ablution become invalid because the nails are not exposed to water. While when we do ablution, nails should be wet. And what about the henna?, henna is allowed " called Ustad Abdul Somad (UAS).

Many UAS question and answer videos are circulating in social media, such as Instagram and Youtube. It is expected to see the whole story and not hear the pieces.


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