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Do these to avoid you from getting Diabetes.


IllustrationIllustration - It is better to prevents than medicates. Talking about diabetes, It is not only attack the old people, but also young generation. Diabetes risks, at real could be avoided by simple and easy ways.

By keeping up our daily activities, diabetes risk could be pressed and lessen. One among others is by keeping ideal body weight. Quoted from Everyday Health, excessive body weight has bigger risk to getting diabetes. In fact, by reducing body weight for one kilogram can avoid diabetes risk for 16%.


Other than that, You should also to reduce drinking sweet drinks, which will reduce your risk to getting diabetes. Consuming sweet drinks or foods with high glucose, like tarts, soda, tea, or sweet coffee could triggering diabetes risk. Therefore, we suggest you to drink pure water or consuming foods with less sugar.

Not only by limitating on junk foods and sweet and soda drinks, You should also do an exercise. Evade  laziness habbit and do some body exercises. Spare your time at least 30 minutes daily for sports.


According to Cleveland Clinic Foundation, exercise can help muscles to conversing glucose in blood to become energy. Meaning by 30 minutes body exercises, You do not have to do it in one time. Walking for 10 minutes for three times also has the same effects.

Also eat more fruits and vegetables. Because, fibers consumption in fruit and vegetables can help reducing glucose in blood.  While food that must be avoided are containing trans fats, saturated fats and sugar.

To controling glucose essences in your blood, You are also suggested to check blood glucose routinely. By knowing glucose essense in blood you can arrange the preventing program.



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