Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Things that slowly make people fall out of their love with their partner


IllustrationIllustration - In a relationship, whether in dating or marriage, love has to be maintained and preserved, because it turns out, there are things that can kill your love and make people fall out of love with their partner. It can affect the harmony in the relationship and even break you up. As cited from Boldsky, Sunday, April 15th, these are the things that can kill your love and have to be avoided in relationship:

1.       Whining about trivial matters

Whining and pestering your partner about small and insignificant things can slowly make your partner fall out of love with you. It will not happen right away, but if you keep doing this, then they may end relationship with you. For example, whining why they do not pick up the phone.

2.      Talking about works every day

Do not do this if you want your relationship to be long lasting. Love has to be maintained by closeness. Of course you also have to be understanding about your partner’s work. However, if you keep talking about work and nothing else, it will kill the mood and your partner will feel like you do not care much about them. You can talk about things other than work too.

3.      Too busy with gadget when being together

When you have time to spend together, then use it to communicate with each other. It will be wasted if the two of you are together but each of you is too busy with each other’s gadgets. If both of you are busy with your own things then there will be no communication which can weaken your love.

4.      Too high and unrealistic expectation

If you have expectations that are too high or unrealistic about your relationship, when they are not achieved, there will be disappointment that can kill your love. It is better for you to go through a relationship with a more reasonable expectations.


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