Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

A bear came as guest for football kickoff in Russia


Bear as guest on footbal kick offBear as guest on footbal kick off - There was an unusual occurrence in a football match in Russia. This game opened with the presence of a bear.

According to reports, the bear called the "Tim" was present before Angusht won 3-0 over Mashuk-KMV in the Russian League third division party last week.

At that time the two teams were preparing kick-off at Central'nyj Stadium Mashuk. But they must wait for the arrival of Tim who became a special guest.With the leash, Tim came along. He sat, clapped his hands at the audience, then held the ball of the match which was then taken by the referee to start the game.

The incident in the football match of the Red Bear State apparently provoked a reaction from the PETA animal lover organization. The actions of the organizing committee are assessed as a form of animal exploitation.

"Aside from being neither classical and classy, ??using animals as servants to deliver the ball was a dangerous thing" PETA director Elisa Allen was quoted as saying by the BBC.

"Bears are a symbol of Russia, so we hope that the people of the country will show the compassion and pride of the country, and no longer exploit bear. This features should make league authorities forbid to do such thing" she said.


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