Sunday, 24 Mar 2019

Kendrick Lamar became the first rapper to won Pulitzer Prize for music category


Kendrick LamarKendrick Lamar - Kendrick Lamar has just been named the Pulitzer Prize award winner for the music category. Lamar became the first rapper to get the prestigious award.

Thanks to the award, 30-year-old musician from Los Angeles is now officially joined with a number of renowned American composers, such as Aaron Copland, Charles Ives, and John Adams. The Pulitzer Jury panel also awarded the award for literacy and journalism awarded the award for his work.

The juries, in their announcement, described DAMN's album as "as a virtuosic song [of high merit] united by popular music and dynamic rhymes which impact the depiction of the complexities of African-American society."

DAMN's album released by Lamar in 2017 recounts race problems in the United States.

Previously, Lamar once raised this through the To-a-Jazz influenced To Pimp a Butterfly and voted for the Black Lives Matter movement. DAMN also raised stories about the police's racist treatment of blacks in the United States.

But DAMN is more related to introspection and personal problems, one of which is HUMBLE song that tells the popularity trap.

Reported by AFP, Lamar's victory is a rarity because Pulitzer rarely gives awards to mainstream music. Last year, the Pulitzer Music award was given to opera composer Du Yun.

In the '90s, the Pulitzer Juries introduced changes to the award and made it more inclusive.


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