Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Odd - even toll policies will be enacted for two years


Odd - Even systemOdd - Even system - The parse-breaking policies on toll roads such as even-odds system are only temporary. The government is racking its mind to look for another long-term conglomeration decomposition policy.

Head of Transportation Management Agency Jabodetabek (BPTJ) Bambang Prihartono said, even-odd system is not permanent. He said the policy was no more than two years.

"So the odd-even system is temporary, a year, two years should not be more than that.We should start thinking about for the long term" he said at access Toll Gate 2 Cibubur, Tuesday, April 17th 2018.

The long-term alternative, according to Bambang, one of them is the ramp metering. Ramp metering itself is a vehicle arrangement based on vehicle density on the toll.

"Alternative long term, if on the highway can be ramp metering, if non-toll ERP electronic road pricing," he said.

However, Bambang has not explained in detail yet. He said the long-term policy needs a mature study such as design details to financing.

"BPTJ is reviewing the long-term policy, why long-term, because this system needs to have a review, need detailed engineering design (DED)" he concluded.


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