Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Meghan Markle almost marry a chef before with Prince Harry


Megan Markle and Prince HarryMegan Markle and Prince Harry - New fact about Meghan Markle has just discovered.  Before making a serious relation with Prince Harry, it was known that Meghan was almost married with another male.

Not many know, if Meghan Markle had a date with a man.  He was the gallant chef Cory Vitiello from Toronto, Canada.

Before getting in love with Prince Harry in 2016, Meghan had  a serious relation with Cory for as long as two years.  They started dating when Meghan came to his restaurant in last 2014.

Cory’s mother, Joanne Vitiello talked about relation of his son with Meghan was very serious. Joanne was also still praising her former daughter in law candidate.

“We love her very much. She is a good woman, very good, clever, bright and very attentive. Her character was very truthful. We enjoyed together with her.  She was very suitable with our family. Family of United  Kingdom was very lucky to have her” praised Joanne.

Joanne was also stated that relation of Cory and Meghan at that time had been serious enough. “They had been together for a quite long time.They running relation at 30 years of  age, not small kids anymore” she added.

Meghan covered her relation with Cory. Not many know, if Meghan had a relationship with him.

After broke up with Cory, no need long time for Meghan to move on. In October 2016, kingdom family announced relationship between Meghan and Prince Harry.  It was presumed that their relation has been started since July 2016.


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