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Allowing rape against of infants, these are three most dangers religion in the world


Children of God Children of God -  Belief in God can have its psychological and spiritual benefits, but following a religious cult blinded by superstition and misplaced faith can led to numerous massive.

And it become great tragedies of mankind is when morality has been hijacked by religion. And this is the stark reality in regard to religious cults.

There are some religious cults that proved to be dangerous for humanity.

1. Scientology
The infamous Church of Scientology was formed in 1953 by the writer L. Ron Hubbard. It could be said that one of the richest cults, with high-profile members like Tom Cruise.

This religious sect is based on the idea of ?cleaning the human psyche of emotions and negative memories.

Scientology is known for its official litigation and murky ways of locking up critics with murdering people who decided to leave from Scientology.

2. Children of God 
This severely twisted cult, founded by David Berg and also known as Family International, is dedicated to pedophilia. The followers of this sect believed that intimate relationships with infants were natural and correct. 

Rose McGowan, the American actor, escaped from the sect and revealed part of his brutality. It is rumored that women members of this cult are also forced to sell themselves and be enslaved for intimate favors.



3. Raëlismo
Also known as Raelianism, this is a UFO religion (they believe in the existence of extraterrestrial flying entities) founded in 1974. 

They think that life on earth was created scientifically by these creatures and also prophets like Buddha, Jesus, etc.

Raëlismo fights for world peace, exchange, democracy, and nonviolence, but also has a very liberal attitude towards relationships. The founder of the sect, Claude Vorilhon, said through mechanisms such as human cloning and the transfer of the mind, humans can achieve eternal life.




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