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Besides pregnant women and people with heart problems, it turns out the people with this diseases has higher risk for boarding the plane


IllustrationIllustration -Traveling far enough, using the services of aircraft transportation is very effective. We also can see the beautiful scenery from above.


But unfortunately, if you are in certain medical conditions, traveling by plane is one of the things that should be avoided.


Some medical conditions make you have to re-think before deciding to travel using plane. This is because, it could worsened your condition.


These following medical conditions that make a person should avoid boarding the plane.


1. Heart disorders


Changes in altitude when boarding a plane makes the oxygen levels decrease. This situation can trigger the occurrence of circulatory disorders in the body, which one of the complications is a heart attack.


To avoid the things that are not desirable, it is advisable to consult first to the doctor. This aims to determine whether the condition is qualified to travel far using the plane.


2. Nervous system disorders


Differences in aircraft pressure can cause complications. If this happens, it can be life threatening.


In addition to patients with cystic fibrosis lung disease, make sure first ask the airline about the availability of oxygen in the plane. This is because the disease makes you need enough oxygen at all times, to prevent dangerous complications. If the airline does not provide supplemental oxygen, you should discontinue your intention to travel using plane.


3. Pregnancy Period


Women who are pregnant near the age of delivery, ie over 36 weeks, should delay travel by plane. This is because if suddenly there are signs of labor and having to deliver on the plane, emergency conditions such as bleeding or umbilical infants can not be resolved immediately.


If weighed between the benefits and the losses, forcing ourselves to stay on the plane at gestation over 36 weeks is more disadvantageous than profit. So, it would be better if the trip is delayed until you give birth.


4. Diabetes Patients


If you have diabetes and do not control the disease well, never try to travel on a plane. This is because diabetes is not well controlled to make blood sugar levels can jump at any time. If that happens when you are on the plane, it is quite possible you will have ketoacidosis diabetikum, one of the dangerous complications of diabetes.


Those are some medical conditions that make you have to think twice before finally deciding to travel by plane. It can be more time-efficient. But, if the life is at stake.


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