Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Prices of broiler chicken meat and onion in Pekanbaru rise up again


IllustrationIllustration - Tuesday April 17th 2018, the prices of basic needs in Pekanbaru City rise up again. Especially on the price of broiler chicken meat and onion and also garlic.

As noted by the Department of Industry and Trade (DPP) Pekanbaru broiler chicken meat is IDR 24 thousand from the previous price of IDR 22 thousand per kg. Then the onion from IDR 37 thousand to IDR 40 thousand per kg, and garlic IDR 29 thousand to IDR 30 thousand per kg.

Furthermore, red chili IDR 46 thousand to IDR 48 thousand per kg, and large potatoes from IDR 9 thousand to IDR 10 thousand per kg. Chicken eggs still IDR 1.500 once, and fresh beef remains at IDR 110 thousand per kg.

Head of Trade (Head) of DPP Pekanbaru Juarman conveys that the public do not need to fret. "Because we continue to do monitoring, to prevent the price rise up again" he said.

Juarman said the price increase is due to mininum stock. "The cause of the of Ramadan could be, but we must investigate it first .. If the current stock is reduced then the price will rise up" he said.


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