Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Sri Mulyani believes the tension in Syria is favorable to Indonesia on the price and demand of country oil


Sri MulyaniSri Mulyani - Tensions in Syria due to US military action will have a good effect on the economy in Indonesia. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said the conflict would cause the price and demand for country oil to increase.

Mentioned by Sri Mulyani at the Ministry of Finance Building, Central Jakarta on Monday, April 16th 2018, "For Indonesia again the possibility of commodities will benefit from the increasing price and demand momentum."

Sri Mulyani explained that the tensions in Syria that began on April 7th, 2018, due to the United States, France and Britain are responding to the attacks by launching a counterattack on the conflict that began when the Syrian government's chemical weapons attack on residents in the city of Douma, Syria.

It mentioned causing tightening of oil supply. And resulted in eroding stockpiles and high prices of world oil.

Even so, the minister reminded the government to beaware of the bad impact on the price of Indonesian oil due to the Syrian conflict. "It should not be neglected because the possibilities of shock are instantaneous, without preliminary, so we should take care of that possibility" said Sri Mulyani.


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