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According to the Cyrus survey, Perindo takes the top position with the most money party


Cyrus SurveyCyrus Survey - In a political party which occurs in Indonesia today, Cyrus Network Institute tried to do a survey of political parties on March 27th to April 3rd, 2018. The survey method was conducted using multistage random sampling. Selected respondents were interviewed face-to-face of 1,230 respondents. Quoted from

Of the 1,230 respondents came from 123 villages in 34 provinces in Indonesia and a confidence level of 95 percent. While the source of funding survey claimed to come from internal of Cyrus Network.

Managing Director of Cyrus Network, Eko Dafid Afianto, when the results of the survey on Thursday, April 19th 2018, in Jakarta, said political parties who has the most money  on the top spot occupies by Perindo.

"Persepsi responden mengenai partai politik yang dianggap punya uang paling banyak untuk Pemilu 2019, hasilnya, partai Partai Persatuan Indonesia (Perindo) yang dipimpin Hary Tanoesoedibjo, menempati urutan teratas," kata Eko.

Dari data, berikut ini adalah hasil survei persepsi publik soal partai yang paling banyak memiliki uang untuk Pileg:

"The perception of respondents regarding political parties that are considered to have the most money for the 2019 election, the result, Indonesia United party (Perindo), led by Hary Tanoesoedibjo, is on the top spot" said Eko.

From the data, the following is the result of a public perception survey about the party that has the most money for Presidential election:

1. Perindo Party: 21.2 percent

2. PDI-P: 17.8 percent

3. Golkar Party: 12.6 percent

4. Gerindra Party: 7.0 percent

5. Democrat Party: 2.4 percent

6. NasDem Party: 2.3 percent

7. PKB: 1.8 percent

8. PAN: 0.8 percent

9. PPP: 0.6 percent

10. Berkarya Party: 0.6 percent

11. Hanura Party: 0.5 percent

12. MCC: 0.2 percent

13. Garuda Party: 0.1 percent

The rest, said not knowing as much as 32.1 percent.

Meanwhile, in terms of electability, as a newcomer party, Perindo outperformed numbers of old parties. "Interesting about Perindo is ,it is a new party but can be middle party, equivalent to PPP and above PKS" said Eko.

He also mentioned, Margin of error in this survey is approximately 3 percent. That is, the survey results may increase or decrease by 3 percent.


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