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Six types of fish that you should not eat


TunaTuna - We know that fish is good for our healthy. Fish have nutrients are important and good for brain intelligence.  But apparently, there are certain fish that you should not to eat.

Six types of fish were contains substances that are not good for the body.

According to Brigh Side, these are six of fish that not good if you eat.

1. Catfish
The imported of catfish can grow in size large enough. To accelerate of their growth, many of catfish farmers are feeding their fish with certain hormones. And the average of catfish in the market grows unnaturally. Nevertheless, the catfish which live in the wild, have a good nutritional content.

2. Mackerel
Mackerel is a fish that contain of mercury if it is not cleaned with properly. So it's good if you eat this type of fish too much.

3. Tuna
Like a mackerel, this fish also have mercury content too. Especially the blackfin tuna and the bluefin.

4. Tilapia
Behind the delicacy of tilapia fish, research said if the content of tilapia has harmful fats as high as fat content in pigs. Too much to consumption of these fish, will increase cholesterol levels and make the body becomes sensitive to allergies.

5. Dollar fish
Fish Dollar contains of gempylotoxin, a substance contained in wax. This substance is very difficult to metabolized by the body.

Although the poison is not so harmful for body, but consuming this fish in large quantities can cause indigestion. To reduce levels of gempylotoxin, these fish should be fried to dry or baked in a long time.

6. Eels
Eels have a lot of fat content, because most of eels live by absorbing agricultural industrial waste. The species of eel in America has even been declared a high poison. While European eels are considered dangerous due to polluted mercury in large quantities.

That's 6 types of fish that are dangerous. If you are a fish enthusiast, you should consider elements such as the freshness of the fish and the fish's habitat.


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