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Scientists emphasize that the human evolution is still ongoing until now, this is the reason


Bajo tribeBajo tribe -  Scientists have uncovered the mystery of Bajo, a nomadic people from the Philippines that lived in Indonesia. This tribe can to dive until the depth of 70 meters without equipment and spend a long time underwater. 

Apparently, this tribe have different organs from ordinary people, ie have enlarged spleen and different from others in the genetic level.

A representatives from Bajo tribe told about their history when built houses on water and only occasionally went to the beach. Maybe just to bury their relatives who has death. 

The dive ability until 70 meters, makes many scientists around the world interest to make a research about their unique abilities for aquatic life.

A research in1990 from Japanese scientist showed that this tribe had a larger spleen than pearls and could increase blood oxygen content by 9% during the dive.

Melissa Ilardo, an evolutionary biologist from the University of Copenhagen, conducted genetic research with her colleagues and found that the spleen of Bajo tribe more bigger than ussual.

In addition, analysis of genetic material has shown that a number of genes was lost for example, the PDE10A gene, which controls the level of thyroid hormone T4. 

In DNA of Bajo tribe, the scientists found 25 unique genome variants for these people, and all associated with delays in breathing and oxygen circulation.

Scientists emphasize that this discovery proves that human evolution is still ongoing.



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