Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A naked man shoot a cafe in the US, at least four people were killed


 Travis Reinking Travis Reinking -  Three people were killed and four wounded as a result of shooting at the Waffle House cafe, near the American city of Nashville, Tennessee.

The shooter stopped after one of the visitors knocked a weapon out of his hands. The offender managed to escape, now they are looking for him. It's known that the shooter is Travis Reinking, 29-year-old from Illinois.

The incident occurred on Sunday night. The shooter arrived by car.

According to the police, the man shot two people in the parking in front of the cafe, then entering the cafe and continued to shoot.

As a result, three died on the spot, one died in the hospital. And as many as two more people were hospitalized with severe injuries.

James Shaw entered the restaurant a few minutes after, hearing the shots, did not understand what was happening. Then, he grabbed the rifle from the hands of Reinking. It turned out that under the cloak, he was absolutely naked.

He managed to escape from the scene.  As reported by Fox news, Travis Reking already had problems with the law. 

In July last year, he tried to enter the White House because he insisted to meet with Donald Trump.


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