Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Honda and Red Bull negotiating on partnership on F1 2019 season


Masashi YamamotoMasashi Yamamoto - Honda and Red Bull are negotiating to work together on the start of 2019 F1 racing season. They've been in formal negotiations.

Since 2006, Red Bull is still using the Renault engine for the race. With that engine, Red Bull became a competitive team since 2010. The four world titles collected by Sebastian Vettel are the proof. Since 2009, Red Bull also never finished out of the top four in the standings manufacturer.

Red Bull's partnership with Renault could end on next season. Honda started negotiating to supply the engine for the Austrian team, Honda Motorsport Director, Masashi Yamamoto revealed it.

"We have formally negotiated for the first time, and started talking about specific requests for a deal to move forward" Yamamoto said on Planet F1. "Red Bull is a competitive team, and Honda will be open to supply them if there is a chance"

"We've gone from casual talks to formal negotiations, and we've stressed out our points and we're currently in the process" he added.


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