Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A dentists in German clinic recommended the best paste for teeth


IllustrationIllustration -  Today, more and more of toothpaste manufacturers are promoting products with bleaching effects, such as Colgate or Oral-B.

They promise a radiant smile without expensive bleaching at the dentist, just in a few weeks. Unfortunately, these are all just marketing steps, because many experts gives warning that such toothpaste is ineffective, even dangerous.

Dr. H. Jochen Schmidt (Jochen H. Schmidt), a dentist at the German clinic named Carree Gigi in Cologne said: "With the help of whitening toothpaste, it can remove stains from the teeth surface from coffee or tea."

Schmidt also recommends if the toothpaste is abrasive (RDA) and not suitable for everyday used.

If the bleach paste is used incorrectly, it will damage the gums, increase tooth sensitivity and destroy the enamel. It makes our teeth become porous and the surface of teeth becomes thinner.

Schmidt argues that whitening paste can to aggravate the color of your teeth.

Schmidt provides the best alternative to whiten teeth using black carbon tooth paste. The active charcoal were able to remove black stains on the surface of the tooth.

Despite the fact that such pastes can not produce of bleaching results, but black carbon tooth paste was great for removing sediment from coffee or tea stains.

Dentists also do not recommend teeth whitening at home. Because soda cakes and lemon juice, which are commonly used in black carbon tooth paste, are capable of destroying enamel and enhancing tooth sensitivity.


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