Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

YouTube have a plans to increase the number of ads in a music video


YouTube YouTube -  For those of you who likes to listen your favorite music using the YouTube service, you must be prepared with this bad news.

As a part of a new strategy for displaying ads, YouTube company have a plans to include additional promotional materials in their music videos.

These ads will be used to redirect users to a new music service, which is being done by the Google team.

A YouTube source of information reports that the number of ads while watching a music video will be enough for users to consider the possibility of creating an account in a new music service.

With subscription on this platform will be paid, and of course, it will significantly improve the financial results of the company.

New services from Google must connected to YouTube RED. It is reported that this site will also provide exclusive material.

However, neither Google nor YouTube has commented. In addition, the premiere date of the new music service is also being a secret.


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