Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018

A church in German introduces the first priest robot in the world


A church in German introduces the first priest robot in the worldA church in German introduces the first priest robot in the world - Five hundred years after Martin Luther started the church reform movement in Europe, a Protestant church in Germany again offered a technological update to the religious tradition.

A Protestant church in Hesse-Nassau Province make a new technological, precisely a priest robot.

The BlessU-2-named that robot can deliver preaching in five languages ??- German, English, Spanish, English, and Polish, and can emit light from both of hands. On the chest is available a touch screen. People who want to be served can choose male or female voice mode.

Already for the past 10 days, the priest robot was shown in an exhibition held to commemorate the Luther Reformation at Wittenberg, a small town where Luther began the Reformation movement in 1517.

"We want people to start considering the possibility of receiving a preaching from a machine," said Stephan Krebs, one of the initiators of the update, as proclaimed The Guardian on Wednesday, May 31 2017.

The robot can pronounce excerpts of Bible verses and say, "God bless and protect you." It can also print the words of blessing on a piece of paper.

"But the main idea is to spark a debate," Krebs said.

According to Krebs, his said that they not intend to replace the human priests with robots. He said the robot would not be able to replace the pastoral work.

"We do not plan to mobilize of church services, but we actually want to see if a theological perspective can be offered to a machine," Krebs said.

The Wittenberg exhibition was held to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the church reform movement that began when Luther stuck his criticism, known as the "95 Theses Luther", at the door of a church in Wittenberg.

BlessU-2 was not the first robot to be introduced in the religious tradition.

In 2016, a Buddhist temple in Beijing, China introduced a monk robot who could cast a spell and explain the basic principles of Buddhism.


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