Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

A passenger was given a banana and salt by flight attendant in a flight for nine hours


The gluten free menu The gluten free menu -  A passenger that used All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight from Tokyo-Sydney,  which orders gluten-free meal, only got fed a banana and salt. And he was not offered with other food for by the flight attendant for nine hours.

As reported from Evening Standard, Martin Pavelka 32-year-old,  suffers from enteropathy (allergy to gluten). If he eats foods that containing with gluten, he will experience by food poisoning.

He was very surprised when at breakfast, he only served a banana, a bag of salt, napkins and forks.

Pavel asked the flight attendant if it was a joke. But the flight attendant responded negatively, and saying that she gave him a gluten-free menu. 

And Pavel sent his complaint to the operator.

He mentioned that during the flight, worth USD 1,500 dollars, he only got one banana.

 "Usually a gluten-free menu has a good standard, one banana is enough only for 15 minutes, then you will hungry again," Pavelka said.

Representatives from ANA gives their apologize and says that in the future they will give more attention to providing gluten free menu for their passengers.

ANA is Japan's second largest airline after Japan Airlines. The airline made flights to 71 airports (including 22 foreign airports).

ANA is listed in the list of seven best airlines in the world according to Skytrax research company.


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