Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

An man that injected himself with an artificial vaccine has found killed at a spa in the US


Aaron TrayvikAaron Trayvik -  The general director of the company "Ascendance Biomedical" named Aaron Trayvik urging people to makes a test new drugs for themselves by passing pharmaceutical research, was found dead.

Information about his death was confirmed by the police, as reported by the agency "VICE News".

The body of the 28-year-old Treyvik was discovered in the morning on April 29 2018 at the spa in Washington. 

He was found in a tank for flotation therapy, and it is a method of relaxation, including an immersion in a small indoor salt water pool that keeps the body afloat and creating a sense of weightlessness.

Now the police makes investigating about that incident.

Aaron Treyvik became very popular after he lowered his pants and makes himself got an injection of a herpes vaccine at a conference in Austin, Texas, in February this year.

Before, the drug that he introduced was tested only in mice and was developed without the participation of professional scientists, and the concentration of the active substance in the vaccine was "insane."

With his actions, his company, tries to popularize that drugs without passing the official confirmation about the effectiveness of drugs.


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