Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

A fake of cosmetic product change the skin of a girl in the UK turned green


Danni BruceDanni Bruce -  Caution in choosing cosmetics it's very necessary. Because if not, it will gives you bad impact. As experienced by a woman from Nottingham, UK.

Danni Bruce, 20 years old is a  a notorious of fake tan fanatic. She tries many things to make her skin looks more tan. And she was decided to used a product that will makes her skin more tan.

But now, she was left mortified after her skin turned green making her look like Shreek, a cartoon figure.

The changes of her skin was occured after five minutes after applying one coat of the fake from the St Moriz Darker Than Dark and it makes developing her skin tone changes very quickly, black - with a hint of green.

And her friends teased her, and said that she was a dead ringer of the cartoon character, Princess Fiona.

Now, her story has going viral, and she was unrecognisable. Her parents says she is now refusing to leave her house.

Danni said: "I was having a meltdown. I looked in the mirror and my whole chest was green. I was hiding from everybody in the house. And many people calling me the Hulk and Shrek, after I showed photos of my green hands."

She had opted for the 'Darker than Dark' shade after she felt other attempts with lighter St Moriz products did not leave her with a dark enough tan.


When she used one of the product, her skin turned to strange colour. And Danni realised she could not wash it off and she still looks 'very dirty' with a green tinge.




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