Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

A survey reveals, more than half of Japanese women do not wear a bra and panties at home


Manami HashimotoManami Hashimoto -  Japan is one of the fashion qibla in Asia. 

So, it's no wonder, if you visit Japan, you will sees many people in the Sakura State appear with a striking fashion style.

With a blend of color and fashion that does not make sense, many Japanese teens were very confident with the clothes that they wear.

Even, some local fashion brands like Mocolle, Isetan, No. S Project dare to launch unique bikini designs to welcome the summer, such as ninja-style swimwear, up to Sailor themed.

But did you know, many Japanese women do not really likes to use a bra than a bikini.

Even as reported from a site, J-Cast News in Japan on March 25 2018, is known that a large number of Japanese women did not use a bra when they are in the house.

The survey was involved about 4,311 participants. And from the result, it's know about 2,000 women who participated in the survey did not wear underwear (bra and panties) at home. 

Around 1,300 women says they always let off their bra while at home. 

And at least,  500 women said, when they relax at home, they always naked.

And only 1,011 women are using a bra at home. The reason why many women in Japan do not use a bra, because they feel comfortable when not used it.

A Japanese actress, Manami Hashimoto is one of the respondents who said that she was not wearing a bra during at home.

In addition, a beautiful actress and also a former member idol group AKB48, Rina Kawaei also claimed that she rarely to used a bra or panties during at home.




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