Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

6 tips to make us look tall without using high heels


IllustrationIllustration - Some people, especially women, like to be or seem tall. They often use high heels to make themselves seem taller than usual. However, there are some tips to make you look tall without wearing high heels.

1.       Show your ankle

If our ankles look small, then expose them. For example, wear cropped pants and pair them with ankle boots right on our ankle.

2.       Wear high-waist pants

Try wearing high-waist pants, to make our waist seems higher and make our legs seem longer.

3.       Wear monochrome color

Wearing only one color or monochrome from head to toe can make you look taller. It is because wearing monochrome color makes it harder for people to tell the top and bottom. To make the illusion more real, wear darker colors like black or navy.

4.       Wear vertical pattern

If you wear pants with vertical line pattern, it will make your legs seem longer and make you seem taller.

5.       Show the waist area

If we show the waist area, it can make us look taller. This is because the waist area shows the division between the top and lower part of the body.

6.       Wear skin-colored shoes

Wear shoes that have similar colors with your skin. If you do that, the color will blend with your skin and it will make you look taller.


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