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Seven most popular motifs for Hollywood star and fashion enthusiast


Windowpane motifWindowpane motif

You must have seen so many different patterns or designs on things when coming to fashion house. For example, plaid motif or polka dot motif. 

There are some motifs that fashionistas love most when they use for an event, such as Met Gala or Oscar.

What's that ?

1.       Gingham

Gingham came from Malay word ie genggang which mean “striped”. This pattern looks like small chess pattern when looked closely. It became popular since it was worn by the character Dorothy in the film “The Wizard of Oz”.

2.       Houndstooth

Houndstooth was first found in Sweden around 360 0 100 BC. Houndstooth is a pattern of squares with pointed corners that at a glance, looks like the fangs of an animal, hence the name.

3.       Madras

Madras motif came from Madras (now called Chennai), India. The characteristic of this motif is the bright and light colors. It is first introduced to American customers in 1897.


4.       Prince of Wales

Also called “Glen plaid”, the motif was popularized by Edward VII and named after his grandson Edward VIII, Prince of Wales. It shows two dark and two light stripes which are alternated with four dark and four ligth stripes, making a unique crossing pattern that makes a unusual square pattern.



5.       Tartan

Tartan motif is usually woven on wool clothes, with stripes of different colors, making large square pattern. It is usually worn by Scottish people who live in highland and each clan has its own motifs.



6.       Tattersall

Tattersall is a woolen fabric with a pattern of colored checks and intersecting lines, resembling a tartan.

British Tattersalls is a blankets with this motif were very popular items back then. The pattern shows two medium spaces in two different colors, making a square pattern.



7.       Windowpane
It consist of two pinstripes that run in vertical and horizontal, making a squares pattern



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