Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Some reasons why you should wear sandals that provide by hotel in your room


IllustrationIllustration -   Most people stay in a hotel when going on a vacation. There are many things we consider when choosing a hotel, from the view, the distance, the service and the hygiene.

Most hotels provide their guests with free products like soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes and sandals. Sometimes, we are too lazy to wear sandals in our bedroom but actually, this is very important.

Although they look clean and luxurious, it is important to wear sandals inside hotel rooms because the carpet floors of the rooms are the dirtiest place in the room. Of course the hotel cleaning service cleans them every day with vacuum cleaner. 

However, these carpets are almost never washed! It will be very troublesome for the hotel to wash them every day so they opt to clean them with vacuum cleaner.

Just imagine how many people’s feet had been imprinted on that carpet. You do not even know what they spilled on top of that carpet before you stay in that room. The second dirtiest thing in the hotel room is the sofa pillows. Because they are not used for sleeping, sometimes they are put on the floor by hotel cleaning service, making them dirty.

Therefore, make sure you wear sandals in your hotel room for now on. Also, make sure you separate the footwear to go outside the footwear for inside the room.




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