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Horrifying, a man was electrocuted after touching power cables during a music festival in Brazil


Daniel GuedesDaniel Guedes -  A  horrifying moment was occured in the Festa da Uva festival in Natuba, north east Brazil, on May 9 2018. 

At that time, a man was electrocuted after touching power cables while climbing the top of a stage structure during the first performance of the last night of a music festival. 

The man, identified as Daniel Guedes, 32, died instantly in the massive electrical explosion. The concert, which started around 11.30pm, had been underway for half an hour when the man climbed up the side of the stage and started to walk across the top. He managed to get to the roof of the structure without anyone realising.

Suddenly, the victim, who was reportedly drunk, appeared at the top of the stage. The 32-year-old victim, who was barefoot, wearing track suit bottoms, a baseball cap and black top, seemed oblivious to the danger as he stepped onto the wires. 

Before the incident, a singer at the stage, Raniery Gomes heard the crowds screams and told his band to stop playing midway through a song as he looked up and asked the audience what was going on. 

Finally, he spotted Guedes, he tried to coax him into getting down before he got hurt. But in few minutes later, he died instantly in the massive electrical explosion after his back touched two high voltage cables, which caused a huge explosion. The crowd who spotted him, started to screaming.

Sparks flying and a burst of a bright white light appearing as the man falls. The event was immediately cancelled, while military police removed the man’s badly burned body. 

The concert goers were escorted away from the area, because they were left traumatized after witnessing the man’s death. 

The local authority offered its condolences to the victim’s family and stressed in a statement that all security procedures had been in place.


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