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The differences of chopstick in Japan, China, and Korea


Chopstick in Japan, China, and KoreaChopstick in Japan, China, and Korea - The countries in East Asia have many similarities in culture and customs, including culinary and eating utensils. The people in East Asia usually use chopsticks to eat. However, not many people know that there are many kinds of chopsticks. In fact, the difference in chopsticks clearly shows the difference in cultures among Japan, Korea and China.

1.       Korean chopsticks

Korean chopsticks are very unique. If you look closely when watching K-Drama, you may see that they tend to use chopsticks made of metal, which are a little flat or thin. This kind of chopsticks is hard to use for those who are not used to it. There is a story of why Korean chopsticks are made from silver. The wealthy people in the past used silver chopsticks to detect any poison in their food. If there was poison, they would know when their chopsticks changed color or released strange smell. These silver chopsticks are used to detect assassination attempt through food poisoning. These days, the silver chopsticks are only used for special events. For everyday lives, Korean people use chopsticks made of stainless steel.

2.       Japanese chopsticks

Japanese chopsticks are the shortest among the three. They are usually made of wood so they can be used not only for eating, but for cooking as well. The chopsticks are wooden to make it easier to take sticky rice. Japanese people also tend to hold their bowl of rice close to their mouth, which is why the chopsticks are made short in length to make it easier for them to eat. The points of Japanese chopsticks are also sharper than others because Japanese people like to eat fish. The pointed edge is used to pick up small fish bones

3.       Chinese chopsticks

Like Japanese chopsticks, Chinese Chopsticks are also made of wood. They are longer and thicker than both Korean and Japanese chopsticks. Chinese chopsticks are made long because unlike Japanese people who eat with their bowls close to their mouth, Chinese people do the other way around. For them, food should be put on the table and far from the mouth. If they do not follow this rule, they will be considered lazy.


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