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As many as 95 percent of women have a chance to getting cancer from using vaginal wash


IllustrationIllustration -  For a woman, if they vaginal have a bad smell, it can be a big problem for them. And they will try to stop that smell by using vaginal wash. 

Many woman in the worldwide decided to keep matters clean of their vaginal, with have tried or are using one of the commercial intimate washes. Because those advertisements claim, it can to keep your vagina being fresh and bacteria-free. So, it have convinced most of the women by now to buy and use them. 

But as quoted from TOI on May 11 2018, there are some reason why you need to using your vaginal wash ?

Why ?

Surprise, these feminine hygiene products might actually do more harm. Because from a study that published in BMC Women’s Health gives terrifying result.

From a surveyed around 1500 women, it's known that more than 95 per cent of these women were using one or the other feminine hygiene product, like anti-itch creams, feminine wipes, washes, powders or sprays.

And do you know, these 95 per cent of women had three times higher chances of getting a vaginal health problem, such as cancer or etc.

Because, known a women who used gel sanitizers were eight times more likely to get a yeast infection and 20 times more likely to get a bacterial infection! Those who used feminine wipes were twice more likely to get it.

But don't worry. In order to address a vaginal problem or just to make it smell good, there are some best way to clean your vagina.

You do not need any extra products to keep your vagina clean and healthy, say experts. Because vagina is like a self-cleaning machine. The natural mechanisms of the vagina keep its pH in the acidic range and thus, keep the balance of bacteria and yeast in order.

It's means, your vagina needs to be by itself to keep itself clean and healthy. So, with incorporating feminine hygiene products it will mess up with the good bacteria which actually fight the infection. 

You can try this trick at home :

1. Rinsing the outer portion of your vagina with warm water using your hands 
2. Do not scrub your vagina use a soap

And if you do not have any itching, foul odours, redness and the discharge is normal, it means your vagina is just doing fine.




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