Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Now, You Can Book Hotel and Plane Tickets in One Price With Traveloka


Now, You Can Book Hotel and Plane Tickets in One Price With TravelokaNow, You Can Book Hotel and Plane Tickets in One Price With Traveloka - As online booking sites, Traveloka continues to innovate to pamper the traveler. The latest, it can the book the hotel and plane tickets in one order.

Coincide with Ramadan, the traveler is certainly already preparing to book a ticket or Eid Fitr holiday. In unison with the moment, Traveloka party launched a Plane + Hotel package booking. In short, the traveler can book flight and hotel together in one price. It's in line with the trend of consumers grew fond of online booking.

"The Trends are pretty high and the purchase at traveloka was further increased, 15 million downloads, ranking 1st in the travel category. Because it's all combined, so we launch the product," said Traveloka Senior Vice President of Business Development, Caesar Indra in the Sapori Deli restaurant, Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta (31/5).

Simply access the Traveloka website or download application, a traveler can choose a different airline and hotel options at various destinations wishing to intended recipients. After selecting the flight and hotel, the total price will appear at the end. Then a traveler choose the payment method.

Interestingly, the price and hotel package in Traveloka are also very competitive with other online booking sites. Claimed by the Traveloka, the price can also save 40% more. Not impossible, because traveloka has established close partnerships with many airlines and hotels.

"We have cooperation with the hotels and airlines also for giving cheap prices to consumers. Generally we give vary discounts, depending on the hotel and airline," added Caesar.


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