Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Ariana Grande broke up with Mac Miller


Ariana Grande and Mac MillerAriana Grande and Mac Miller - Ariana Grande broke up with Mac Miller, whom she had dated since August 2016. She announced the news through her social media account.

She announced it through Instagram Story feature. She said, she respected and admired Mac Miller even after they broke up. She said she would still support him and she was still proud of him. She even posted a heart emoji.

TMZ reported that Grande and Miller’s busy activities was one of the reasons for their separation. In the end, after being together for two years, Grande and Miller agreed to break up. However, the two of them remain close as friends.

Grande and Miller were last seen together in public when they attended a party held by Madonna after Oscar 2018. After that, Grande was seen attending Met Gala without Miller by her side.

The former couple first announced their relationship during summer 2016 when they were seen kissing when they went out to eat sushi in Katsuya in Encino, Californina, US. Their relationship seemed to be quite serious and they had even planned to marry.

Miller has not given a comment about their break up, but her did show support for Grande’s come back with new song.

“Very proud of this girl right here. Welcome back. We missed you. One of a kind,” he wrote on Twitter.


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