Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Ryan Reynolds gave romantic look to Cristiano Ronaldo in Santiago Bernabue


Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds - Ryan Reynolds is famous for his hilarious acts. Even while on tour to the Santiago Bernabue, he gave a pampered look to Cristiano Ronaldo. Ryan Reynolds is traveling around the world doing his latest movie promo, 'Deadpool 2'. While promoing, of course he took the time to visit a famous destination in the cities.

Viewed from Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram account, @vancityreynolds on Tuesday, May 8th 2018, he went to Spain, after to Mexico, France and Italy. Interestingly while in Spain, he stopped by the stadium of Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabue.

Ryan Reynolds with Josh Brolin which starring Cable, the enemy of Deadpool in the latest movie, even participated in a tour of the Santiago Bernabue, called Bernabue Tour. They played around to the locker room.

In the photo slide, there is one posting of photos that will make us laugh loudly. Ryan Reynolds styled with spoiled while staring at the photo of Cristiano Ronaldo.

From the official website of Santiago Bernabue, the price ticket of Bernabue Tour starts from 25 Euro or equivalent to IDR 417 thousand. With that price, the customer can enjoy the entire contents of this Real Madrid stadium.

The plan is to see the stadium panorama from the viewing bench, to the museum section to see the history of the greatness of Los Blancos, stepping on the field, playing in the players' locker room, sitting on the bench, looking at the press room and shopping at the souvenir shop.






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