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Four greatest scientific breakthroughs in 2018 that you must know


Male birth control pillsMale birth control pills -  Every year, scientific breakthroughs happen across the globe as the world's top researchers make innovative discoveries that alter life on earth.

And each year, scientists make incredible discoveries. The greatest scientific discoveries are an inspiring testament to the profound capabilities of the human mind.  

In 2018, some discoveries brought about a more rich understanding of our past. So, what were the biggest discoveries of 2018? 

1. Scientists managed to harvest vegetables in Antarctica
In April 2018, scientists managed to harvest vegetables on a greenhouse in Antarctica. German researchers operating out of the Neumayer Station III announced that they harvested salad greens, cucumbers, and radishes in a high tech greenhouse, although, the temperatures often dropped below -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The project's intent is to one day help astronauts grow food while navigating planets like Mars. 


2. Potency to change the medicine for cancer
In March 2018, New York University (NYU) School of Medicine researchers believe they've discovered, or rather classified, a new organ.

The interstitium was previously thought to be a dense layer of tissues, but the NYU researchers believe it's a tiny channel that connects to the lymphatic system. The interstitium may be how cancer cells spread. As the interstitium is made up of fluid-filled channels, cancer cells could easily slide through and invade the rest of the body. 

So,this has pretty major implications for modern medicine. As better understanding of cancer cells can help create effective treatments, this has the potential change for modern medicine. 

3. An effective male birth control pill
In March 2018, researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle announced they may have finally created an effective birth control pill.  

For years, researchers have attempted to create a male birth control pill, but have run into a number of common problems. Because testosterone used in past birth control pills could cause liver problems.

Known as dimethandrolone undecanoate (DMAU), the male pill contains a combination of hormones that suppress sperm production and is taken once a day. In addition to blood work indicating the pill was working effectively.

The new pill only causes mild cholesterol issues, and seems to have avoided many of the major problems associated with male birth control in the past. 

4. Sheets of ice lay below the surface of Mars
In January 2018 scientists had no way to really study of water supplie although they has been known for a long time that sheets of ice lay below the surface of the red planet.

The Mars camera HiRISE discovered several spots of eroded land that allowed for more direct access to Mars's ice supply. The ice on eight different regions in Mars appears to be fairly pure, meaning it could be potentially mineable. 

The water that taken from the ice in Mars could be used for drinking water or crops. 




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