Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

A little girl in India got sexually abused in a cinema by a businessman


Moitheenkutty Moitheenkutty -  The case of  sexually abusing was occured again in the Middle East on a 10-year-old girl in a cinema. And for that case, a businessman has been arrested after he was recorded by a CCTV camera of that cinema.

The 10 years old girl while sat next to her mother, after KV Moitheenkutty, the 60-year-old engaging in sexual acts with both the child and her mother on April 18. 

Moitheenkutty was arrested on Saturday, May 9 2018 after Childline, the charity , who were given the tape by the theatre's owner were handed the footage on April 26 to police.  

And the failure to act sooner has caused outrage in Edappal, which is in the Malappuram area of Kerala in India's south.

Moitheenkutty is a businessman that owns jewellery shops in Thrissur - another city in Kerala - and in the Middle East. 

Police are also reportedly considering taking legal action against the mother for her complicity in the abuse. 

Moitheenkutty has been charged with the use of criminal force with the intent to outrage a woman's modesty as well as sexual assault. Moitheenkutty has already admitted guilt.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source told the outlet, "Moitheenkutty's influence as a rich businessman might have prompted the police not to take the case against him."



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