Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The 5G network is being prepared for the 2018 Asian Games event


Ririek AdriansyahRiriek Adriansyah - The Asian Games 2018 will be titled in two cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Palembang selected as the right place to start. To succeed this, Telkomsel plans to start introducing 5G technology in the community.

This was revealed by Telkomsel President Director, Ririek Adriansyah as Media Gathering of Telkomsel 2018 on Friday, May 11th 2018 said, "We plan to conduct a demo in GBK during Asian Games 2018. So the people can feel the benefits themselves"

Telkomsel has conducted a 5G test in their lab and claimed to have achieved 1GB per second. However, Ririek can not yet confirm when his company will launch 5G technology commercially. Clearly, there are still many challenges that must be passed, not only for Telkomsel but also telecommunications operators who are interested in 5G.

He mentioned that 5G technology uses 3.5MHz frequency and is still used for satellite usage. Similarly, 2.8MHz is considered not suitable for tropical countries such as Indonesia.

"In addition, the spectrum available in Indonesia today is still relatively small compared to other countries, but until now it is still testing" Ririek said.

Telkomsel itself predicts that the 5G service could be commercial in Indonesia is about 4 years from now.


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