Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

This car is assembled to be safe from the bomb explosion


Range Rover SentinelRange Rover Sentinel - Various cases that occurred some time ago caused many casualties. Seeing that, automotive manufacturers are trying to improve themselves by implementing safety features for drivers and passengers.

The mass produced products are named after the Range Rover Sentinel. Equipped with highly qualified safety features, which can handle a variety of attacks including from the explosion of a bomb explosion.

Its body claimed to hold fire up to 7.64 mm caliber and also bullet explosives, explosion equivalent to 15 TNT is also capable to be muted. Not only that, the grenade explosion DM51 also will not be able to penetrate this car even if the explosion was coming from above or under the car.

On the engine side, the Range Rover Sentinel maker applies a 3,000 cc V6 engine with supercharge. And from this machine the power can reach as big as 340 dk, which surely can make this car can run fast enough though with heavy weight.

Not only that, Range Rover also provides emergency exit for passengers if the car in a state of urgency, the track is located in the back seat area.

For the EU region, this car sells for 400 thousand Euros, equivalent to IDR 6.6 billion.


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