Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Avoid these vegetables in your diet, it can harm your body


IllustrationIllustration - Fruits and vegetables are most often the foods that are suggested for diet because they contain fibers that can help our digesting system and burn fats in the body. However, for those of you who like to eat vegetables to be able to slim down, you should be careful. It turns out, vegetables can cause you to get fat if eaten the wrong way.

As cited from Women’s Health Magazine, vegetables contain lectin, a kind of protein. Unfortunately, unlike other beneficial proteins, lectin can cause inflammation and the increase in weight. Lectin can also cause other side effects like leaky gut or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

A cardio expert from California, US, promotes an idea to decrease the consumption of foods that contain lectin when on diet. It is called lectin-free diet.

During lectin-free diet we are suggested to decrease the consumption of foods that contain lectin. Among the foods are seeds, nuts, quinoa, some vegetables like tomato and eggplant, and some spices like pepper.

You are suggested to eat foods that contain low-level lectin like green vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus. You are also suggested to eat mushroom, millet, red meat, and sea fish.

This diet is booming lately and becomes a hot topic among nutritionists. However, this diet has not been proven scientifically. Even some experts are still not sure about this diet.


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