Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

These are the foods you thought can reduce your weight instead they increase it


AvocadoAvocado - Have you ever gone on a diet only to find your weight increased instead? Maybe you have followed all the rules well. But the problem may not lie in the program but in what you eat.

Many people have eaten fruits and vegetables during diet, but their weight only decrease for 1 or 2 kilograms. Sometimes, it only stays the same, without decreasing. Because of that, they decide to give up on that diet program and try another program. However, the same result happens.

Instead of blaming the program, why don’t you review what you may have eaten during diet? Don’t get it wrong. Some foods that you consider healthy contain a lot of sugar and calories. They are healthy of course, but if you eat them too much, it can increase your weight instead.

1.       Avocado

Avocado is a very healthy fruit. It contains 10 grams fibers and twice potassium as much as the amount contained in a banana. Although avocado is said to be able to decrease your weight, it actually contains a lot of fat. Sometimes, people consume many avocados during diet only to find their weight increasing.

2.       Protein bar

Protein bar is called the best kind of snack. It really is better compared to other snacks that contain much sugar. However, protein bar also contains lot of fat and sugar. If you want, you better only eat half the bar or find other snacks with low calorie.

3.       Dried fruit

Many people eat fruits during diet. Unfortunately, they do not choose the right fruits. They eat dried fruits instead of the fresh ones. Dried fruits contain a lot of sugar, which means that it is the same as eating chocolate or cheese cake.


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