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Names with unique meaning which rarely used In Indonesia


IllustrationIllustration - When we wait for the birth of our children, we will think of the right name for them. The one which has the good meaning and sounds attractive. Names are prayers from parents. They give their children meaningful names in hope that they will grow the way they want. But sometimes, the meaning of one’s name can be so heavy it becomes a burden for them as well.

Parents will always choose a name that is unique, attractive, and meaningful for their child. In some countries, name giving is a very important ritual. There are some suggestions for boy’s names that can be considered unique and meaningful in Indonesia.

1.       Aryasatya, which means splendor

In Indonesia, names are sometimes taken from Sanskrit language. One of them is this name, which means splendor. There is even a celebrity with this name. He is Abimana Aryasatya, which plays as Dono in the film Warkop DKI Reborn.

2.       Danadyaksa, which means the guardian of glory

The name Danadyaka, in Sanskrit, means “the guardian of glory.” This name is more often used as middle name than first name.

3.       Fazira, which means born at dawn

Often times, people name their child who is born in the morning or dawn “Fajar.” If you want something different, you can name him Fazira, which means “born at dawn.”

4.       Yoda, which means courageous

The name Yoda is popular as the name of a character in Star Wars who trained other fighters. However, in Sanskrit, this name means courageous.

5.       Yandra, which means God’s advice

Yandra, in Sanskrit, means “God’s advice.” This name was also used for the name of a warship that was used by Australia during World War II.


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