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The most magical cities that located in the most beautiful countries in the world


ParisParis -  Did you know about the most beautiful city in the world or the prettiest city on the planet?

Or the most magical cities are located in the most beautiful countries in the world? 

As information, so much beauty around the world. There are some city has the best landscapes and also the most magical of vacation spots.

So, make sure to add this city to your list.

1. London
London is so magical. With being such a historical and sophisticated city, it's also have old historic neighborhoods to it's lavish and beautiful gardens. And off course, London will keep any visitor staring in awe at all its glory.


2. Paris 
Paris creates a romantic setting for anyone looking to visit. Because they have the majestic views, the lush gardens, and the jazz music.

In Luxembourg Gardens, which is right next to the magnificent Luxembourg Castle, or the Seine River, which is home to the famous bridge.


3. Edinburgh 
One of the most visited cities in the UK, Edinburgh has a rich history, which can been seen in much of the architecture and historical buildings throughout the city.

And you can visit to Arthur's Seat, a group of hills located in the center of the city and next to the historical Edinburgh Castle, is one of the oldest sites recorded to have human habitation.

4. Amsterdam 
Amsterdam has a rich architectural history, with the oldest building in the city dating back to 1306. 

The Renaissance and Baroque architecture set a romantic vibe along the canals through the city. 

It also has many parks and outdoor squares scattered throughout the city, which are easily accessed by bicycle.

5. Milan 
Milan has been around since 400 B.C. The city has long, rich history in its architecture and historical buildings, some of which are still standing from the Roman Empire era. Milan houses some of the most important works of art in history, including The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.





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