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These are the characteristics of toxic friend


IllustrationIllustration - In making friends, we will meet many kinds of people with different personalities. It is always suggested to us to at least have a good relationship with other people, although we dislike them. However, we cannot deny that not every friend is kind and sincere. Among them, there are “toxic friend” which is a friend that gives us negative effects. There 5 characteristics of a toxic friend.

1.       Feeling jealous of our achievements

If you are truly friends, you will be happy with what your friends achieve. However, there are also those who are jealous of their friend’s achievement. It will not be shown openly, but he or she may look uncomfortable when people start talking about your achievement or try to avoid talking about it. They will start to divert the topic, or even walk out of the talk.

2.       When you are confiding your problems to them, they never give solution

When you have problems, you will confide with your closest people, usually your friend. But then, when you confide to them, they do not give you any advice or solution to your problem. A good friend will at least give an advice to relieve the stress you have or trying to help you with it.

3.       Always shows your weakness more than your strength

A good friend will give you strength and help you gain confidence and notice the potentials within you. They will even help you develop the talents you have. Toxic friend on the other hand, will be happy if you keep feeling unconfident. Instead of shedding light on your strength, they like to shed light on your weaknesses and make you feel like a loser. They do it because they do not want you to be better than them.

4.       Always want to know your personal information

Have you ever had a friend who approachs you only when you have a problem? Maybe you think it means they care about you, but be careful. There are those who come close only to hear about your personal life. A toxic friend feels joy when they hear about your pain and sadness. No matter how down you are, they will always be thirsty of information. Sometimes, they do not even shy of asking personal information.


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