Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

KLHK together with four companies are introducing smart garbage bins


Smart Drop BoxSmart Drop Box - In support of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) program, four companies are collaborating to build a model of integrated PET plastic waste management by involving the active role of the community.

The four companies are Telkomsel, Alfamart, Danone-Aqua, and Smash. Which launches Smart Drop Box (SDB) which is a smart garbage bin that comes with a plastic bottle barcode scanner system and connects with mySmash applications.

Smash as an application development plays a role in designing and operating online systems installed in SDB and mySmash applications. As for Telkomsel escort with a special prime card designed for connectivity between goods (Internet of Things SIM Card).

Alfamart itself acts as a collection unit (point collection) plastic bottle waste through the network outlets. While Danone-Aqua provides rewards for SDB users in the form of T-Cash points and facilitates the transport of plastic bottles from SDB to the nearest waste bank for further processing at the Recycling Business Unit.

Through the application, SDB users can register bottles waste collected and earn reward points that can be used as online payments. Prior users of the smart dump must download the application and scan the barcode on the discarded plastic bottle and the SDB barcode to be rewarded in the form of T-Cash points (Telkomsel's e-money product).

A total of 80 Smart Drop Box will be placed on Alfamart outlet which for the year 2018 is placed in the Jakarta and Tangerang area. As an initial introduction to the community, Danone-Aqua as the official sponsor of the Asian Games will also spread 30 SDB around venue matches in Jakarta during the big event took place.

Director of Waste Management, Directorate General of Hazardous Waste Management, Hazardous and Hazardous Materials of KLHK, Novrizal Tahar, said, "KLHK continues to encourage waste reduction efforts by producers. We give appreciation for collaboration made by producers with various parties through the use of technology to facilitate Smart Drop Box development is the best step and is followed by other companies and collaborates across sectors"

Vice President of Corporate Planning Telkomsel Andi Kristianto through technology especially IoT applied to Smart Drop Box become part of Telkomsel's effort in accelerating the formation of IoT ecosystem in Indonesia. "This is in line with our vision of digital transformation" he explained.

Corporate Communication GM PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk Ivan Hermawan hopes that through the collaboration of these four companies can make people more aware with the cleanliness of the environment, especially plastic waste.



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